Popular Attractions

Luminious Lagoon
Green Grotto Caves
Marthae Brae Rafting

Enjoy the  magical glistening waters. Surrounded by mangroves, at night the waters of the lagoon are home to microscopic organisms that emit a phosphorescent blue light when disturbed

 Green Grotto Caves are Jamaica’s best-known limestone caves , it was a hideaway for escaped slaves and Spanish settlers fleeing from the British.  Guided tours share the history of the cave

Rafting the Martha Brae River is one of the most peaceful, relaxing and romantic thing to do in Montego Bay, soak up the lush scenery as you glide down the river, try your hand at poling the raft

Dunn's River Falls

With the help of a guide, you can climb the limestone tiers to the top of the falls, slide down the smooth sections of rock, and swim in the cool lagoons at the base

Paint Ball Jamaica

 The owners of Paintball Jamaica, who are paintball enthusiasts themselves, designed a field that was based on their experience internationally

Dolphin Cove

Go snorkel with stingrays .The dolphin encounters are the highlight here. You can also ride a camel; watch a shark show; and see iguanas, snakes, and tropical 

Featured Trips

Rick's Cafe
Chukka Adventures
White River Tubing

Longtime bar/eatery offering Caribbean grub & cocktails, plus a pool & cliffside jumping spots , watch Rick’s Cafe sunset in to the sea and listen to the live reggae music

Active adventurers can enjoy bucket list activities like ziplining, riding swimming horses in the ocean, tubing down rivers and through caves, off-roading with atvs, snorkeling alongside stingrays, and more 

White River Tubing is a refreshing adventure.  The White River is known for its beauty and fresh water rivers . Create some great memories here as you tube down this fresh body of water. 

Bob Marley - 9 Miles
Mystic Mountain
Appelton Rum Estate

 A Guided tours take you through a small museum and where Marley is buried. During the tour, you can learn about the Rastafarian religion and hear interesting stories of Marley’s extraordinary life. 

This popular attraction offers several different types of adventures.  a chairlift perched high over the rain forest, Bobsled coaster ride, ziplines or a guided walk, you can also enjoy infinity pool with waterslide

 It’s our coveted, world-famous Jamaican rum and it’s made right here in St. Bess! Learn about the process, meet the people, and see the views all while sipping some age-old rum. 


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